OLIVER and POLO - our first Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

They were twins - born in June 1986. Two very different characters who gave us tremendous love and affection. Everybody told us we would have real problems with 2 male dogs in the house but we never did and when Polo died at age 12 Oliver was very lonely; they had only ever spent 2 nights apart so we had to get some company for Oliver

We couldn't bear the thought of another Black & Tan - we weren't trying to replace Polo. We decided upon a tricolour boy but didn't realise how difficult it would be to find one. But just before Christmas 1998 TRIS joined our household. Trouble was, he proved a bit too energetic for Oliver ...

... so we went off in search of another little boy for our family and in January 1999 found JASPER - seen here with his brothers and sisters and his Mum and Dad.

The boys had nearly a year together with Oliver enjoying himself just watching the mad youngsters tearing around. Oliver died peacefully in his sleep in November 1999.

Tristram - a gentleman of leisure who enjoys the Sunday papers, but finds them very tiring.

In November 2004, we discovered that Tris had gone deaf - we are not sure how long he has been deaf - it is a bit difficult to tell as he seems to react to noises (but only after he has noticed Jasper doing so)

Jasper - the only dog we know who constantly watches the sky. He is bird mad and is convinced he can get them no matter where they are. He knows that one day he will jump high enough to get the pigeons sitting on the roof

Tracey Emmen has nothing on us!

Our boys getting used to life afloat

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